The Amsterdam Honours’ student council

Amsterdam Honours’ Student Council

The Amsterdam Honours’ Student Council (AHSC), formerly known as the HSC, was established in September 2013 by several Honours students of the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and VU Amsterdam (VU). The AHSC is the student representative body for Honours students from VU and UvA who participate in the Honours Programme.

Their main responsibility is evaluating and preserving the quality of the Honours Programme through its annual survey and by hosting multiple focus groups throughout the year. Additionally, they aim to create a communication network between the different Honours Programmes of VU, the UvA and AUC. They are trying to reach this goal through regular meetings with VU-UvA Honours Committee. In these meetings, they also try to express the opinions of Honours students, which in turn helps contribute to the improvement of the Programme in general.

AHSC Members

The current Amsterdam Honours Student Council consists of the following members:

  • Aneta Jaglinska (President)
  • Vera Krstic (Vice President & Secretary)
  • Fabian Khairallah (VU Officer)
  • Yelyzaveta Terentieva (UvA Officer)
  • Irene Beonio Brocchieri (PR Officer)

For all your general questions about the AHSC or the Honours Programme, please do not hesitate to contact the council via honoursstudentcouncil@gmail.com.

You can also contact the AHSC via their social media channels or their Website:


Student faculty representatives

Faculty Honours Student Representatives

The Faculty Honours Student Representatives consist of about 12 to 14 Honours students from the different faculties of VU and UvA. They have the responsibility of keeping in close contact with the Honours students and the Honours coordinator of their own faculty. Moreover, they are partly responsible for the promotion of the Honours Programme within their faculty. Furthermore, by evaluating the faculty’s Honours Programme through the annual survey, by hosting a focus group and by receiving feedback/questions from students, they form a bridge between students and policymakers, and in turn, guard the quality of the Honours Programme.

The main tasks of the Faculty Honours Student Representatives are:

  • Keeping in contact with the Honours Students of their faculty;
  • Evaluating the content of the faculty’s Honours Programme;
  • Promotion and the organization of bonding meetings;
  • Hosting an annual focus group;
  • Helping the AHSC conduct the annual survey;
  • Attending a few meetings with the AHSC and the other Faculty Representatives a few times a year.
Alix ShondraFaculty of Humanitiesalix.shondra@gmail.com
Emilia BienekFaculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences – Psychologyemilia.bienek@gmail.com
Lily VersteegFaculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences – Political Sciencelilyversteeg@gmail.com
Dhruv GuptaEconomics and Business268dhruv@gmail.com
Daria CheprasovaEconomics and Businessdaria.cheprasova.03@gmail.com
Lucia Di BattistaAmsterdam Law Schoolsecretaris@jhvphaedrus.nl
Floor van SteijnFaculty of Sciencevansteijn.floor@gmail.com
Elton HögklintFaculty of Social and Behavioural Scienceseltonhogklint@gmail.com
Aryan SharmaFaculty of Science (BETA)a.sharma6@student.vu.nl
Luise SchirrmannFaculty of Behavioural and Movement Sciences (FBMS)luise@schirrmann.net
Fiona DraguFaculty of Lawf.dragu@student.vu.nl
Lucia de Rosa-HansenFaculty of Social Sciences (FSS)l.de.rosa-hansen@student.vu.nl
Sofia BlaszczykFaculty of Science (BETA)s.blaszczyk@student.vu.nl
Karin YassaFaculty of Medicine (MED)k.yassa@student.vu.nl
Oceana Améthys KaellFaculty of Humanities (HUM)o.a.kaell@student.vu.nl
Pascal BoertjeSchool of Business and Economics (SBE)p.m.boertje@student.vu.nl

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