Why extensus? 

We bring together Honours students from all universities in Amsterdam to develop their professional and social skills beyond the lecture room.

Our students are curious, driven and ambitious. We enable them to learn more and to create a valuable network that will not only help them now but also in their future.

Through eight years of cooperation with market leading companies, Extensus has become a platform for our excellent students to reach out to businesses that inspire them. Today our alumni take up challenging roles across our partner companies and institutions.

What can Extensus mean for you?

Is your company interested in working with Extensus? To get in
touch with our talented members? Here are some examples of events we can organize together with you:

Inhouse days / Career dinner / Promotion / Social events

Our students…

Only the top 5% of the students in Amsterdam are eligible for the Honours Programme and can therefore join Extensus. Extensus has 450+ members.

Our students…
… have broad knowledge.
… are highly motivated.
… are internationally oriented.
… come from a wide variety of study programs.
… end up working for top companies with steep career paths.

We have worked with

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