This is Extensus

Supporting Honours Students

Extensus is the Study Association of the Honours Programme of VU, UvA and AUC. It came into existence as a student initiative in September 2009. Since 2009 we have been engaged in various efforts to have participants of the Amsterdam Honours Programme benefit more from being a part of this Amsterdam-wide community of excellent students. Initially only open to those honours students studying at VU, Extensus expanded to the UvA and AUC in 2011.

Adding Value

The aim of Extensus is to enhance the community of the Honours Programme by bringing together Honours students from different faculties and universities in Amsterdam. It does so by organizing professional, academic and social events that are all aimed at the broad interests of the Honours students. Examples of our yearly events are the study trip, seminars, dinners and a career conference. More information on commercial relations.
Additional added value is given by the Extensus Alumni Network: EAN in short. EAN connects Extensus members after their graduation, to provide a valuable professional and social network. More information on EAN.

our base

The word extensus is derived from the verb extendere, meaning to stretch out, to extend, to increase, to broaden. It is also used poetically: maiores pennas nido extendere, to spread one’s wings beyond the nest (adapted from Horace). The name of the study association symbolizes the two goals of the Honours Programme: to broaden students’ horizons, and to extend their knowledge within their own field. It also alludes to the ambition, innovative spirit, and commitment to excellent education that is demonstrated by students and teachers involved in the Honours Programme.

Our future

So far, Extensus is thrilled to see the yearly increase in the number of Honours Students and their eagerness to contribute to a platform for excellence. Extensus justly considers itself to be the starting grid for future leaders and is dedicated to paving the way for collaboration between Honours students and their future employers from which both parties undoubtedly benefit. Extensus is always keen to welcome new members and Honours Students who wish to be involved in the organisation. Aspirations for the future are high, since Extensus aims to grow both in number and in substance, making full use of its interuniversity network and international orientation.

Our Current Board





Vice President & Secretary


Event Officer


PR Officer




Commercial Officer

  • Advisory Board
    Anna Kostiouk
    Joram Knigge
    Ruben Stukart
    Sebastiaan de Vries

  • Audit Committee
    Daphne Pieterse
    Koen Donatz
    Vladimir van Roest

Our mission for 2022-23

The Extensus board of 2022-2023 is represented by Extensus members who wish to strengthen the sense of an Honours community among its members. We are committed to bolster the bonds with universities, companies and other Honours associations to increase the reputation of Extensus. Extensus shall become a recognized association that is known by all Honours students. Promotional activities will be our main focus. We are committed to add professional, academic and personal contributions to the Honours experience of our members. We strive to be a nonhierarchical association that listens and collaborates with the members to establish a diverse and healthy community.

  • Making Extensus more reputable among students, universities and companies
  • Creating a sense of Honours Community
  • Increasing active member base
  • Staying attentive to members & frequently ask them for input
  • Providing a safe space and increase diversity among members and activities

Previous Boards

  • Board of 2021-2022
    Nina Fischer – President
    Sanne Goedhart – Vice President & Secretary
    Kristina Veljkovic – Treasurer
    Preyanha Hemakanthan – PR Officer
    Karolin Wald – Commercial Officer
    Aaron Jacobs – Project Officer

  • Board of 2020-2021
    Anel Hasic – President
    Trin Sirivadhanakul – Vice President & Secretary
    Jessica Meyer – Treasurer
    Amy van Meeteren – Commercial Officer
    Alessandra Gaia Saracini – Project Officer

  • Board of 2019-2020
    Lara Valent – President
    Vongai Batidzirai – Vice President & Secretary
    Eva Bergsma – Treasurer
    Naina Parasher – PR Officer
    Rosalie de Kerf – Commercial Officer
    Thomas Litan – Project Officer

  • Board of 2018-2019
    Sebastiaan De Vries – President
    Koen Donatz – Vice President & Secretary
    Josephina Neess – Treasurer
    Tom Niggebrugge – Project Officer
    Merel Makkus – PR Officer
    Daphne Pieterse – Commercial Officer

  • Board of 2017-2018
    Anna Kostiouk – President
    Jo-Anne Kramer – Vice President & Secretary
    Jakob Hagenberg – Treasurer
    Aukje Terpstra – Project Officer
    Femke Jansen – PR Officer
    Daniel Osterwald – Commercial Officer

  • Board of 2016-2017
    Felicia Ong – President
    Thomas Bennis – Vice President & Secretary
    Gillis Kruisselbrink – Treasurer
    Urscha Fajdiga – PR Officer
    Matthijs Eigenhuis – Commercial Officer

  • Board of 2015-2016
    Aniek Broekhuizen – President
    Miranda Huang – Vice President & Secretary
    Tim Everaert – Treasurer
    Yvonne Melcherts – Project Officer
    Dora Knezevic – PR Officer
    Lisa Tenge – Commercial Officer

  • Board of 2014-2015
    Maartje ter Hoeve – President
    Mees Vergouwen – Vice President & Secretary
    Ruben Stukart – Treasurer
    Ciska Taal – Project Officer
    Errol Verwey – PR Officer
    Nathalie Smit – Commercial Officer

  • Board of 2013-2014
    Floris Busscher – President
    Harleen Rai – Vice President & Secretary
    Wouter Griffioen – Treasurer
    Danique Wildschut – Project Officer
    Rachelle Meijers – PR Officer
    Jorn Koch – Commercial Officer

  • Board of 2012-2013
    Guy Wijnen – President
    Niko Schindler – Vice President & Secretary
    Ada Sneekes – Treasurer
    Danielle Schuitemaker – Project Officer
    Eline Schaart – PR Officer
    Sherida Sille – Commercial Officer

  • Board of 2011-2012
    Leander Peters – President
    Lisa Aarsman – Vice President & Secretary
    Sem Aronson – Treasurer
    Marijn Jonkhart – Project Officer
    Emilie Holtbach – PR Officer

  • Board of 2010-2011
    Aileen Nederlof – President
    Rory Deen – Vice President & Secretary
    Dajana Zubrinic – Treasurer

  • Founding Board of 2009-2010
    Winnie van Dijk
    Lars Jongerius