Amsterdam Honours’ Student Council

The Amsterdam Honours’ Student Council (HSC) was established in September 2013 by several honours students of the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and VU University (VU). Being part of Extensus, the HSC is responsible for evaluating and preserving the quality of the honours programme through its annual survey. Additionally, we aim to create a communication network between the different honours programmes of the VU, the UVA and AUC. We are trying to reach this goal through our regular meetings with the VU-UVA Honours Committee, to express the honours student’s opinions, contributing to the improvement of the programme.

The current Amsterdam Honours Student Council consists of the following members:

• Sanne Goedhart (President)
• Varsha Jayakumar (Vice President & Secretary)
• Sander Losekoot (VU Officer)
• Gabrielle Leeman Imperial (UvA Officer)
• Cyrielle Otter (PR Officer)

For all your general questions about the AHSC or the honours programme, please do not hesitate to contact us at honoursstudentcouncil@gmail.com. You can also follow us on Facebook.

Our Mission

  • • Building a strong student communication platform between VU-UvA-AUC in the collaboration of the Honours Programmes of the Universities;
    • Strive towards equality between both universities concerning the HP;
  • • Participate in policy making by participation in the VU-UvA Honours Committee;

    • Gaining student’s opinions about topical interest, content and quality of the HP.

View our vision for the year 2021-2022 here

Student Faculty Representatives

The Student Faculty Representatives of the VU University and the University of Amsterdam both consist of about 12 students from the different faculties. They have the responsibility of keeping close contact with the students and the coordinator of their own faculty. By evaluating the faculty’s Honours Programme and forming a bridge between students and policymakers, they seek to guard the quality of the Honours Programme.
• Keep in contact with the students of your faculty;
• Evaluation of the content of the faculty’s Honours Programme;
• Promotion and organize bonding meetings;
• Meet with other faculty representatives four times a year and a closing meeting.

More information on the Student Faculty Representatives of the VU University.

Faculty Representatives 2019-2020

University of Amsterdam
Name Faculty of Contact Email
Tea Jahrn Svendsen Humanities teasvendsen@gmail.com
Ula Zubkeviciute Economics and Business zubkeviciute.ula@gmail.com
Angelo Barisano Economics and Business angelo.barisano@student.uva.nl
Ben Kras Science BNAMkras@gmail.com
Lois Elshof Law Lois.elshof@student.uva.nl
Magda Matetovici Social and Behavioural Sciences magda.matetovici@student.uva.nl


Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Name Faculty of Contact Email
Kai Alscher Business and Economics k.a.alscher@student.vu.nl
Ronja Lange Behavioral and Movement Sciences r.lange@student.vu.nl
Merel Gerritse Law m.a.gerritse@student.vu.nl
Tjong-Tjin Joe Medicine VUmc k.t.tjongtijnjoe@student.vu.nl
Mika Konings Social Sciences m.c.konings@student.vu.nl
Isabella Ghauharali

Huong Nguyen Huyen

Science isabella.ghauharali12@gmail.com