Our Committees

  • Connector.

    Study Trip

    August – November

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    New Year's Gala

    November – January

  • Connector.

    Member Weekend

    December – April

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    Graduation Event

    February – June

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    Lustrum Event

    2021 (11 years of Extensus)

  • Member Weekend

    The Member Weekend will be filled with fun activities and is a great way to hang out with your fellow members and for Extensus freshmen to get to know the association. This trip will be closer to home than the Study Trip, but it will be just as gezellig! Join us on the next trip!

  • New Year’s Gala

    The annual New Year’s Gala is the best way to celebrate the new year with your fellow Extensus members. The Gala Committee is our most festive committee! Every year they think of an amazing theme and make the New Year’s Gala an unforgettable night!

  • Study Trip

    The Study Trip is a great opportunity to get to know your fellow Extensus members in a different environment. We will explore a different city every year, visit the local university and have a lot of fun. The weekend is always filled with a good balance of cultural, social and educational activities. Come along with us!

  • Graduation Event

    The Graduation Event is for all students that finished both their bachelor and Honours Programme. The ceremony will include musical performances and speeches. The evening will be concluded when everyone traditionally throws their graduation cap into the air.
    Unfortunately, due to the Corona crisis, the graduation event for 2021 will be different. However, we do plan on doing something special for our members.

Apply for a committee!

Committee applications are now closed at the moment. We notify our members of committee openings through email and our social media accounts.

For any questions, concerns or recommendations regarding committees, you can send an email to

More Extensus Events


    During the year, Extensus will host several get-togethers. We will come together for some drinks or an activity so we, as the board, can get to know our members and our members to get to know each other. Upcoming get-togethers will be anounced on the website, Facebook and in the newsletters so stay tuned!

  • Extensus Meets Its Freshmen

    During ‘Extensus Meets its Freshmen’, you will get the opportunity to get to know your fellow honours students outside the classroom during a day of different fun activities in Amsterdam. Afterwards, other Extensus members will join us for some drinks, giving you the chance to get to know them as well. If you sign up to become a member of Extensus, you even get a free dinner!

  • Career Dinner

    The professional highlight of Extensus is the Career Dinner which takes place annually and allows students to dine with their future employers. This all takes place in an informal atmosphere, which makes it a great place to expand your network. Representatives from various corporations will be present.

  • Masterclasses

    During the year Extensus hosts several masterclasses. We invite our members to join a masterclass when special guest speakers are invited to give a lecture in an Honours course to broaden your horizon. As an Extensus member, you will not miss out on these interdisciplinary lectures from international professors. And we may even host drinks afterwards!

  • Graduation Event

    The Graduation Event is open to all students of the Honours Programme that finished both their bachelor and Honours Programme. The ceremony, held at the auditorium of the UvA, includes musical performances, speeches and will be concluded when everyone receives a graduation cap that will be traditionally thrown into the air. After the ceremony, it’s time to congratulate each other at the borrel.

  • Active Member Day

    At the end of the year, Extensus organizes a day for all members who have taken part in a committee. We will organize a fun activity, we will have dinner together and there will be drinks. What the day is going to look like exactly will be a secret. On this day we, as the board, get the chance to thank you for your hard work.

  • External Events

    External events are organized by Extensus’ partners. As an Extensus member, you will be invited to join these events, which are both interesting and educational. An example of an external event is an Inhouse Day during which a company invites our members to take a look inside the company. This is then followed by a workshop or a case related to the company.

  • Consultancy Drinks

    In February 2020, Extensus hosted the first Consultancy Drinks which involved six prominent consultancy companies based in Amsterdam: Accenture, Hot ITem, Pawlik Netherlands, Gupta Strategists, Bluefield and De Kleine Consultant. The students got an opportunity to talk closely with recruiters from companies that matched their fields over a fun borrel like environment. Given the success of the first one, we expect many more to happen yearly.

On June 13, 2020 we were scheduled to celebrate 10 years of the existence of Extensus. However, due to circumstances surrounding the corona crisis, this is no longer possible.

The Lustrum Committee were planning on a grand event to celebrate ten years of Extensus in June 2020. The committee consisted of (Chair) Thomas Bennis, (Secretary) Aniek Broekhuizen, (Treasurer) Celine van den Berg, and (PR) Rhianne Houston along with Thomas Litan (General Board Member).

Since their plans could not come to fruition, they passed on their responsibilities to a new committee consisting of Lara, Thomas, Vongai, Eva, Rosalie and Alessandra (Event Officer 2020-2021). The Lustrum celebrations are now being planned for spring of 2021.

Below you can find the complete message regarding the cancellation:

Date: Friday, 22 May 2020

Dear Extensi,

We hope you are doing well in these extraordinary times. Only a month or two to go before this academic year comes to an end and we can enjoy our summer, even though it will be different from what we’re used to.

You will no doubt have been wondering about the lack of updates regarding the Lustrum. Our committee has been working hard to get as much information as possible, so we could provide you with one comprehensive update on what’s going on.

Originally, the Lustrum celebration was planned for June 13th. As you will no doubt have realised, the measures in place from June 1st (max. 30 people inside cafes and restaurants) make this celebration impossible. The uncertainty also caused our second plan, a reunion dinner for all previous Extensus Board members, to be cancelled. We have tried to secure a new date for the celebration, but we’ve unfortunately received bad news from our venue this week: they are revising their events policy and will therefore not be able to secure us a new date just yet.

So what happens now? In consultation with the Board, we have decided to move our Lustrum celebration to the Spring semester of the 2020-2021 academic year. This will hopefully give us enough time to see the measures lifted, so we can properly party together, and to find a new venue if necessary. The celebration may have a different format than what we have originally planned, but we’ll have to see how the ‘new normal’ affects our possibilities. Rest assured, we remain committed to organising an event in which our old and current members can come together to look back on the history of Extensus. You will receive more concrete information about our new celebration dates and times in the new academic year.

As the year comes to a close, so does the tenure of this Lustrum Committee. Given our busy schedules and new opportunities coming our way, four of us will be leaving the committee. Thomas Bennis, Aniek Broekhuizen, Rhianne Houston and Céline van den Berg receive the warm thanks of Extensus for their incredible work this year; they have provided a strong basis for the new committee to move forward on.

Given the special circumstances, we have decided to form a new committee that can start preparations as soon as possible. The members of the current Board that are staying in Amsterdam next year are joining our remaining Committee member and current Board member, Thomas Litan, in creating a Lustrum to remember. These are: Lara Valent, Vongai Batidzirai, Eva Bergsma and Rosalie de Kerf. So what about Naina? No worries: she will give us her full support behind the screens. These five will be joined by the Project Officer of the soon-to-be-selected Board of 2020-2021.

We hope to have updated you sufficiently on what’s going on. We are very sorry that we won’t be partying with each other this year, but in the current climate, it is neither feasible nor wise to do so. Extensus remains committed to delivering a grand celebration next year, hopefully in better and more certain times!

The Lustrum celebration will now take a different form in view of the ‘new normal’ in the spring of 2021.
The Lustrum Committee is replaced by a new committee, the members of which currently are Lara, Vongai, Eva, Rosalie and Thomas (Litan), plus the Project Officer of 2020-2021(TBD).

We wish you a great summer. Stay safe, stay healthy and stay tuned.