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Extensus stands for excellence, is interdisciplinary and represents the top 10% students of Amsterdam. Since the foundation of Extensus in 2009, this initiative has grown to become a professional organization. In combination with both social and academic events, we strive to offer our members professional value as well.

What can Extensus do for you as a company?

Extensus is looking for partnerships with corporations and institutions that share the same aspirations and ambitions our members have: to strive for excellence. With a partnership, we aim to benefit all parties involved by creating awareness of the company among our members and giving our partners a chance to get to know our members.

Our previous partners include:

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Interested in becoming a partner of Extensus? Don’t hesitate to contact our Commercial Officer and you will receive our information booklet with all the possibilities.

Daniƫl Osterwald


P: +31 6 24451520