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    Study Trip

    September – November

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    New Year's Gala

    November – January

  • Connector.

    Mini Trip

    December – March

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    January – March

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    Career Dinner

    February – April

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    Graduation Event

    February – June

  • Study Trip November
    During the trip we will explore a different city every year, visit the local university and have a lot of fun.
    This year’s Study Trip Committee consists of Tom, Amber, David and Liselotte.
  • New Year’s Gala January
    The annual Gala is Extensus’ own formal celebration of the new year. It is our most festive committee!
    This year’s Gala Committee consists of Josy, Joppe, Renske and Paul.
  • Mini Trip/Member Weekend
    This second trip will be in the spring, and is a little closer to home then the Study Trip, but not any less gezellig!
    This year’s Member Weekend Committee consists of Sebastiaan, Lara and Eva!
  • Textensus
    A Ted-X style conference for Extensus members, by Extensus members. Textensus is an evening filled with talks by Extensus members about interdisciplinary topics they are passionate about. This year’s Textensus committee consists of Tara, Esther, Maryse and Roxanne.
  • Career Dinner
    As the professional highlight of Extensus; the Career Dinner takes place annually and allows students to dine with their future employers. This all takes place in an informal atmosphere, which makes it a great place to expand your network and talk with inspiring people who are already ahead in their careers. Representatives from various corporations will be present.
    This committee consists of Merel, Sam and Justin.
  • Graduation Event
    The graduation ceremony is open to all students of the Honours Programme that finished both their bachelor and Honours Programme. The ceremony, held at the auditorium of the UvA, includes several musical performances, speeches and will be concluded when everyone receives a graduation cap. After the ceremony, it’s time to congratulate each other at the following borrel.
    This year’s Graduation Event Committee consists of Koen, Rajni and Rhianne.

Apply for a committee:
Want to become an active member in Extensus? Do not hesitate and apply for one of our committees!
E-mail our project officer Aukje and state why you think you are fit to work in one of the committees.
Have ideas for an event or committee that is not on the list yet? We love to hear your ideas, send us an e-mail and we will keep in touch!