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Board 2018-2019


Applications open on: March 26th

Deadline for board applications: April 25th

The Honours Programme Study Association Extensus aims to be a valuable extension of the Honours Programme for students and provide the opportunity to meet each other outside of a lecture room. The annual board sets out the strategy for the academic year ahead, and manages the means and resources needed to attain the annual objectives. Being part of the board of Extensus is a demanding, non-financially compensated, yet very rewarding opportunity.

Extensus board members spend between 8-10 hours working on Extensus in an average week. You will gain significant experience that will benefit you in your future career and at the same time you will boost your CV and increase your position at the labour market by exponentially enriching your social and professional network.

As every Honours student familiar with Extensus knows, Extensus is not a cast-iron association, in which roles, goals and aspirations are fixed. Instead, you work together with all board members to innovate, create and add to Extensus those elements which you and the rest of the board deem necessary in order to have the Honours students benefit and connect more!

So if you are looking for board experience in an ambitious, diverse, and highly motivated environment, in which you are challenged to steer Extensus towards greater size and excellence, then we look forward to receiving your application!

Application Procedure

Applicants can apply for maximum two positions of the following positions within the board:

  • President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Project Officer
  • Commercial Officer
  • PR Officer

The application process consists of a written application stage followed by an interview stage with members of the current board. The contents of the written application determine whether you will be invited to an interview. The deadline for your written application is April 25th.

The written application

The written application consists of a letter of motivation and a Curriculum Vitae, both in pdf format. Ideally both the letter of motivation and CV are written in English and show your enthusiasm and experience required for the specific desired positions within the Extensus Board. You can apply for two positions but one motivation letter will suffice.

Submit your motivation letter and CV in pdf format by email to As a subject, state: “Board Application: ‘name’ applies for ‘position’ ”. Applications sent in before March 26th or after April 25th 23:59 will not be considered.

The interview stage

After receiving and reviewing all written applications, we will contact applicants for the interview stage (this will be during the first half of May) in which we interview the applicants to get to know him/her a little better and see if they are up to the task!

The outcome

After all interviews are done, the current board decides who are going to be part of the new board. You will be notified at the end of May what the outcome will be. Good luck! We look forward to receiving your application!



Can you lead your fellow board members wherever required? As the President of the Extensus board, you are responsible for the course of the association. Together with your board, you define and follow a path on which you want to bring Extensus, while maintaining its culture and values and keeping Extensus’ long term vision represented heavily in the equation. Thus, you will need to be familiar and understanding of the interests of honours students and Extensus members. You will chair the weekly board meetings and are responsible for the coordination of your team. The way Extensus represents itself externally and operates internally is a strong focus of your task. You are responsible for maintaining relations with the other (honours) associations and the Extensus Alumni Network.

  • Leading the Board in general decision making
  • Representing Extensus to all stakeholders
  • Assuring the accomplishment of goals and pursuing Extensus vision
  • Be knowledgeable at every time and ensure the flow of information in your team
  • Determine meeting structure and head board meetings
  • Set up vision and mission for your board year in collaboration with your team
  • Oversee next board election and transition
  • Is responsible for collaboration with fellow honours associations and EAN
The ideal candidate
  • Has strong affinity with Extensus and its members
  • Is professional and representative for Extensus
  • Strong at keeping an overview of activities within the board and association
  • Recognizes priorities, is a good listener and decisive at the same time
  • Aims to develop his/her leadership skills
  • Is comfortable with public speaking
  • Fluent in English and preferably Dutch
  • Preferably has experience with commercial relations and academic structures

Vice President/Secretary


One of the main reasons why Extensus was founded in the first place, was to create an environment where honours students from the VU, UvA and AUC could meet up and interact. Extensus serves to facilitate this interdisciplinary exchange between these students. As a Secretary you will play a very important part in communication whether it is internally (within the board) or externally (members, university representatives and other associations). Keep in mind that this flow of information will go through various sources such as Facebook or email. As a result, the Secretary will receive a large amount of input and will have an overview on what is going on within and outside of Extensus.

Furthermore, you will be able to support the other board members in their functions as well since the Secretary will mostly be able to provide the information/data they need to perform some of their tasks. Lastly, the Secretary is in charge of the member data base and will keep track of all the incoming and outgoing members. Extensus always strives to reach as many honours students as possible and as a Secretary you can play a major part in this by being open and social to all future members.

  • Internal & external communication
  • Administration (e.g. setting up the boardmeetings, archiving of various documents)
  • Ensure a clear overview of information from all the sources (e.g. Dropbox, email)
  • Maintenance of the members database
  • Support the President with regard to the strategic alignment of Extensus
Ideal candidate
  • Open-minded
  • Organized
  • Multi-tasker
  • Responsible
  • Experienced with Excel



As a treasurer you are responsible for the financial well-being of Extensus. At the start of the year you create the budget, and during the year you are responsible for all cash flows of Extensus. Making sure all bills are paid, sending out invoices to companies, are your tasks. You work in close cooperation with your fellow board members, allocating budgets and reporting on the financial situation of Extensus. What you get in return is great experience controlling and reporting finances, as well as a large boost to your CV, but most importantly, a great year on the board of Extensus.

  • Executing debit and credit orders
  • Track the orders at the accounts
  • Maintaining close contact with financial supporters
  • Stimulating board and committees to establish valuable relationship with business partners
  • Making annual budget
  • Approving and rejecting financial requests
  • Track changes of financial laws and technicalities (e.g. taxability, IBAN)
The ideal candidate
  • Is able to say no
  • Is structured and punctual
  • Is able to work independently
  • Is responsible
  • Is reliable and open
  • Has the ability to keep an overview of data

Project Officer


All of Extensus’ events are organized by committees consisting of active Extensus members. As the Extensus Project Officer you are responsible for setting up committees and guiding the active members in the organizational process. Furthermore you need to have an overview of which events are happening when throughout the year and you need to make sure that deadlines are met. You will be in close contact with all the active members, play an active role in the committee meetings, provide organizational help and monitor & keep track of all the progress made by the different committees. Furthermore you represent the link between the committees and the Extensus board and keep both parties updated about important processes and events.

  • Set up committees and schedule the events for the year, taking exams and other events into account
  • Making sure events are organized and can happen following the yearly schedule
  • Lead the committees and be able to take action when responsibilities are not met by committee members
  • Keep track of progress, budget and feasibility of the events
  • Steering the committee and providing feedback and help organize if needed
  • Represent Extensus at events
  • Keep the board up to date on what is happening inside the committees
The ideal candidate
  • Is able to transfer his/her enthusiasm about Extensus’ committees and events
  • Has leadership skills; e.g. lead meetings, motivate members, take action to achieve goals
  • Is willing to spend time in attending committee meetings and travelling across the city
  • Is fluent in English and Dutch and able to have meetings in these languages
  • Is flexible, well structured and can cope with stressful situations
  • Is creative; e.g. come up with new events and new ways to organize existing events

PR Officer


As the PR officer you are responsible for the presentation of Extensus to the outside world. At the start of the academic year, it is your task to make sure that all new Honours students know about Extensus and its events. To reach this goal, you and the rest of the board will give some presentations and will be present at different study-introductions to spread the word about Extensus.

Throughout the year, it is the task of the PR Officer to take care of the promotion of Extensus’ events. This includes setting up a sign-up form on the website, writing about it in the newsletter and posting on Facebook. It is also your responsibility to make sure there are pictures of every event or to make an after-movie. If promotional material is necessary, like flyers or a new banner, it is your job to design and order this. To promote the events, you can even come up with some very out-of-the-box promotional campaigns if you want!

  • Promotion of Extensus and its events
  • Keeping the website and Facebook up to date
  • Write and send out newsletters
  • Design promotion material such as flyers, posters, presentations etc.
  • Acquisition of new members
  • Making sure that all possible types of promotion are used to boost an event
  • Give presentations in Honours classes and meetings about Extensus
The ideal candidate
  • Has a creative mind
  • Has an affinity with social media and writing exciting posts
  • Has the ability to develop promotion material, such as flyers
  • Has experience working with Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator, or would like to learn
  • Is fluent in English (not necessarily in Dutch)
  • Is familiar with WordPress, or would like to learn

Commercial Officer


As a Commercial Officer you are responsible for the marketing strategy of Extensus. You are the face of Extensus towards the business world. It is therefore very important to know what Extensus’ values are, what we stand for and what we have to offer our potential partners and sponsors. On different levels Extensus cooperates with companies, and in doing so creates a valuable reputation. As Commercial Officer you are the link between Extensus and the companies. With regard to the future of Extensus, you play an essential role in assuring independence.

  • Ensuring financial support from companies
  • Creating and maintaining relationships with new partners and sponsors through acquisition
  • Stimulating awareness of Extensus among companies
  • Meetings with the commercial committee for the events
  • Keeping track of the contracts and make new ones
  • Maintaining good commercial relations with EAN
The ideal candidate
  • Has an excellent level of speaking and writing in Dutch and English.
  • Is able to work independently and together in a team
  • Is representative at a professional level
  • Is commercially oriented (able to understand stakeholder’s interests)
  • Is good at networking
  • Has organizational and creative skills
  • Has a flexible time schedule (especially during office hours)
  • Is reliable

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